Gender and ICT Awards

International Recognition to innovative and effective projects by women to use ICTs for the promotion of gender equality and /or women's empowerment. An initiative of APC WNSP and GKP
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2003 Gender and ICT Awards Eligibility and Criteria

The awards are open to initiatives anywhere in the world. The target beneficiaries of the projects must be women or girls. The awards program does not give grants for future projects, or research studies by graduate or undergraduate students.

The categories for the awards are:


Outstanding Multi-stakeholder Initiative

Outstanding Individual or Community-Based Initiative
Capacity building


1. Strategic use of ICTs

  • The utilisation of information and communications technologies (ICTs), in support of women’s empowerment and/or the promotion of gender equality – including (but not limited to) efforts to redress violence against women; contribute to peace building in times of war and conflict; or raise awareness/education around HIV/AIDS – locally, nationally, regionally or internationally.
  • The initiative uses information and communication tools in a way that is sustainable over the longer term and appropriate to the needs and contexts of the community it is serving.
2. Mobilising Awareness and Participation or Building Capacity
  • The initiative demonstrates the awareness of both the opportunities and limitations of ICTs, among people involved in its implementation.
  • The initiative involves active participation from its beneficiary communities, strengthens the capacity of the people that are involved in implementing the project, and interacts demonstrably with the broader social context, e.g., local communities and business, government, other organisations, etc.
3. Contributing Significantly to the Promotion of Gender Equality and/or Women’s Empowerment
  • The initiative's efforts have demonstrable impact, with respect to empowering and supporting individual women, communities of women, or women’s organizations, to improve the quality of their lives and to make meaningful contributions to equitable human development and the broader struggle for social justice.

Learning Lessons and Sharing Strategies To be eligible for the Awards, applicants need to reflect on and express understanding and strategic analysis of the methods and tools they used, and of their own failures and ultimate success in such a way that others can learn from their experience.