Gender and ICT Awards

International Recognition to innovative and effective projects by women to use ICTs for the promotion of gender equality and /or women's empowerment. An initiative of APC WNSP and GKP
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Eligibility and Criteria


To be alerted regarding eligibility and application for the 2007 Gender and ICT Awards, contact


APC WNSP and GKP Gender and ICT Awards Focus

2007 Gender and ICT Award focus will be announced in 2006.

The focus of the 2005 Awards was on ICT initiatives that promote women’s economic empowerment as it relates to development in Asia.

Economic empowerment was seen in terms of:

  • overcoming marginalisation, oppressive social norms, and inadequate support and responsibility from governments in terms of access & rights to resources & making sound decisions;
  • offering women choice and opportunity,
  • encouraging women to fulfil their potentials;
  • giving voice and capability to counter their seeming powerlessness.

ICT-related development is defined not only as it relates to income or material deprivation but as resolving basic needs of the community and promoting social networking through ICT intervention.The focus is not on the technology itself but in looking at the practical gender and strategic application by women to address their local needs and the specificity of their situations.

Read the full details of 2005 eligibility and criteria.

The focus of the 2003 Gender and ICT Awards was on advocacy, networking and strategic use, at the local and broad, multi-stakeholder level, celebrating initiatives worldwide. The 2003 Award followed these criteria:

  • Strategic use of ICTs
  • Mobilising Awareness and Participation or Building Capacity
  • Contributing Significantly to the Promotion of Gender Equality and/or Women’s Empowerment

Read the full details of 2003 eligibility and criteria.